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Each nominated and awarded for their unfaltering belief that 'educating girls will change the world', these students have become the benchmark for their peers around the country.
As the trend is towards constantly miniaturizing and more and more integrated electronic modules, there is a need to develop completely new, disruptive technologies to outperform the existing solutions - especially in areas where flawless performance, long lifetime, and unfaltering reliability are required, such as in medical, space, and aviation applications.
Roig Lawyers is a multi-practice Florida Litigation firm with an unfaltering growing presence in the legal market celebrating 15 years of service, with more than 100 attorneys in 6 offices in Deerfield Beach, Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tampa, and Tallahassee.
is to address the professional needs of its members and to build leaders who shape the future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in their successors.
The Board appreciated the unfaltering efforts of the Chairman Dr.
He consistently showed exceptional commitment in his role in spite of any personal risks, especially during the long years of the Sri Lankan conflict, and his professionalism, resilience and dedication were unfaltering until his retirement in March 2013.
He added, His success throughout his award-winning career and, in particular, at Ithmr, is a result of his vast experience in accounting, marketing, commercial and offshore banking, coupled with his unfaltering dedication.
He pledged allegiance to the Palestinian cause and rejection of Israel as a Jewish state, an unfaltering cornerstone of Iranian foreign policy since the 1979 Islamic revolution toppled the US-backed shah.
Harries bobbed and weaved his way through the audience, catching someone's eye now and then with an unfaltering gaze as Flynn recounted his father's degrading loss.
Neighbours, local businesses, churches and the community in Coundon showed us tremendous support and unfaltering kindness.
Rosa is selfless, dedicated and has shown through her unfaltering service that she is among the Auxiliary's greatest assets--truly an example of what makes the organization great," said Auxiliary National Commander Donna M.
However, the one thing that has remained with me is an unfaltering devotion to care.