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I bring thee a song that, when thou must indeed come, thou com unfalteringly.
Despite being a relative newcomer to the live circuit, Bishop seems right at home on stage, his unfalteringly frank account of his life eliciting laughter even from himself at times.
GARETH HAWKINS, Birmingham NOBODY deserves the star award more than Woody for his unfalteringly catchy songs over the years, from the early stuff to anything he may produce henceforth.
This information is necessary for the Iddir to respond unfalteringly and judiciously in a crisis.
Tan has unfalteringly provided staunch support to the professional activities of ASME (HK branch) and other institutions like IMechE (HK) and HKIE locally.
the shrill of its siren slicing through the din of city noise like a scalpel splitting soft tissue." Plots unfold smoothly and move unfalteringly forward.
But then again, we presented ourselves on time, faultlessly attired, well prepared and answered all questions unfalteringly.
Yet there is also a formal trace of the earlier in the latter poem, which is unfalteringly balladic.
Unfalteringly lovely in an array of midriff baring saris, I am not sure who is responsible for the overacting and awkward movements that threatened to entirely ruin her performance.
His shop, like many in and around Carnaby Street, is as much a working museum as a retail outlet - traders, unfalteringly friendly as if they're nowhere near London, are happy to chat about their wares.
Some of us thought we knew about Our Vic, but by galloping unfalteringly up the hill to win the Ryanair Chase, he proved the same some of us wrong.
Three of his companions were murdered on the same day: one was his brother Humberto, "superbly cool and self-possessed," another was the 23-year-old engineer, Luis Segura Vilchis, who went to his death "unfalteringly, more like a young athlete who goes to receive his prize." As he addressed his persecutors he stated in a conversational tone, "I am ready, gentlemen." The fourth was a "poor boy" by name of Tirado who was so ill with pneumonia he could not stand upright.