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Nearly one-in-five (17%) of those who answer incoming calls from unfamiliar numbers believe the delay/pause conveys that they are not important to the caller.
The results show that pigeons can discriminate between the familiar and unfamiliar people and can do this on solely using facial characteristics.
Eblex's Dr Phil Hadley said: "Mixing unfamiliar animals in the 24 to 48 hours prior to slaughter can lead to fighting and mounting behaviour.
What struck me most, as I listened avidly, was the unfamiliar choice of some of his words and phrases.
Based on morphology, it helps students figure out unfamiliar words.
A social sciences research project at Swansea University will investigate how older people find their way around in unfamiliar places, it was announced yesterday.
I felt quite frightened as I was on unfamiliar territory and did not know which animals to avoid and which ones to get close to.
I find myself in the unfamiliar position of not getting my episcopal nose out of joint about the issues you openly, frankly, and honestly confront, nor the editorial positions you take.
A word list at the end offers definitions for words such as "effaced" and "vainglory" that might be unfamiliar to young readers.
Unfamiliar Relations: Family and History in South Asia.
A basic, 64-page 'how to' introduction and instruction guide for using the internet in genealogical research by veteran genealogist William Dollarhide, "Getting Started In Genealogy Online" is particularly 'user friendly' for beginning genealogists and anyone relatively unfamiliar with using the computer and the internet for tracing family trees online.