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It's a good car, yes, but to put that into perspective it's incredible what opting for a nice big unfashionable petrol saloon will get you.
Huddersfield textile companies provided super cloths, worn by presidents, but too heavy and completely unfashionable so other countries took them over.
Forget that it can sometimes be seen as unfashionable to be attracted to an icon like Michael--a warrior--who is too militaristic for the sensibilities of some today.
Dads beware because this Saturday the style police are in town and they are looking for South Wales' most unfashionable father.
Having made a poor decision in choosing unfashionable Norfolk as a vacation spot, they are barely enduring the location and their togetherness when a strange 30ish woman, Amber, knocks at the door of their rental house and is invited in.
Amateur ethnologist-filmmaker Henry de la Falaise traveled to Bali in 1933 to shoot this silent rarity in the now unfashionable two-strip Technicolor process.
Increasingly removed from any relationship to Minimalism or Pop--categories that never quite fit in the first place--Artschwager has quietly positioned himself as Rene Magritte's American heir, however unfashionable a move that might sound.
Desperately trying to let the Stadium officials know that they need Welsh football a lot more than Welsh football needs the Stadium, Collins declared: 'Should Wales be paired with unfashionable opposition in the European Championship qualification draw come January, we might not need to use the Millennium Stadium at all.
Curbishley, like Robson, has begun his managerial career at an unfashionable club, gradually building up the squad until it is capable of holding its own in the top flight.
If Hughes were yet alive, perhaps he would smile about the unfashionable terms Negro and colored that date his text.
The commotion at Shiodome is reminiscent of Japan's high-growth era following the war, but it seems especially perplexing when compared to shuttered shotengai shopping streets in the unfashionable wards of the capital, not to mention glacial commerce in rural communities.
The result is a monograph that offers the real intellectual rewards traditionally associated with this seemingly unfashionable genre.