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After filling the pouch, the gardener can simply unfasten the bottom of the pouch from the apron and dump the debris into a trash container.
At the signal - I liked David's idea of a countdown, with the crowd joining in - though it must be led by a celebrity such as Coleen or Nancy Dell'Olio, or possibly by Ant and Dec or Jenny Pitman or Kate Middleton - the riders would run across, unfasten the hitching reins, leap onto their steeds, and charge off towards the Melling Road.
To use the cord, unfasten the last loop and pull on the cord to straighten it out.
Byington was unable to unfasten her seatbelt, so Parker slipped through the window, released the restraint, pulled her out, and swam the 60 feet or so back to shore.
Actually, it was when he tried to unfasten it that the connector broke.
Operators only need to unfasten one nut and bolt as opposed to several nut and bolt sub-assemblies, which accompany bolted flange designs.
L) Put the shoulder harness behind you, but keep your lap belt fastened (B) Unfasten the safety belt
The nuns relaxed all rules of etiquette that day, allowing us to untuck our shirts, unfasten a few more buttons, construct paper fans, take regular trips to the drinking fountain down the hall.
When Bonaventure became minister general of the Franciscan Order in 1257, he "understood that the only way to unfasten the grip of Francis's dead hand was to offer an alternative that would transform Francis's history into a new, less action-oriented, and less radical message" (147).
unfasten, Load and dispose of 1 335 m of ground - 1 100 m space / road surface with concrete stone slabs, Pavings and paving slabs - 610 m asphalt surface - 145 m grid fence, Height = 2.
Docherty is accused of pulling a worker into a warehouse, trying to unfasten her trousers, covering her mouth and sexually assaulting her with intent to rape.
However, they were unable to unfasten Mr Mansell's seat belt before the nine-seater Britten-Norman Islander plane sank on October 21.