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He then unfastened the remainder of the boy's belt and cautiously placed it on the ground.
Finally, he lost his temper and unfastened his belt and beat all pupils of the class.
Put away unfastened items around the house, the yard and the balcony.
765 drivers were apprehended for driving with unfastened safety belts, 477 were apprehended for overspeeding, 333 drivers were brought to administrative responsibility for violation of overtaking and maneuvering rules.
But the fact is that, you have a suit made exclusively for yourself and with the functional button holes on the sleeve, with a button unfastened you have the chance to show off the suit to your peers.
The tensioning cable in the pre-tensioner is not securely crimped, and in an accident it could become unfastened.
However, this is also a popular time for thieves who take advantage of the busy shops to catch people off guard and take items such as purses or mobile phones which have been left in carrier bags or on top of unfastened handbags.
Stole green off-road pit bike that was left unfastened leaning against a wall.
The Rice Paper Diaries by Francesca Rhydderch When she'd first met him in New Quay, he'd been home on leave between postings, sitting at the kitchen table with his collar unfastened, eating all his favourite foods, which his mother Sara had made specially: cawl, home-baked bread, damson wine.
When questioned, the lady of the house remarked that the dress was unfastened in such a manner as to disclose a considerable portion of neck and that it was her opinion that such a state of undress was unsuitable for a respectable domestic environment.
I had it on," he protested, "but unfastened it when you pulled me over.
The bear in a US Air Force video can be seen with its jaws tied shut being unfastened from a capsule by airmen after it landed and being stretchered away.