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That's far less than President Trump's score of 73 percent favorable among Republican voters and a mere 19 percent unfavorable.
The survey notes that the reasons for these countries to receive unfavorable ratings are "historical patterns of diplomatic and cultural relations" and their perceived association with "terrorism and nuclear threats.
You cannot say unequivocally that as the public has learned more about PPFA those who didn't have strong feelings are choosing sides -and more expressing an unfavorable opinion than favorable-but the evidence strongly points in that direction.
Favorable opinion 39% Favorable opinion 57% of Joe Biden of Hillary Clinton Unfavorable opinion 49 Unfavorable opinion 41 Source: CNN/Opinion Research Corporation, latest that of March 2014.
Please tell whether you have a favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or unfavorable opinion of following institutions?
According to Gallup that time just nine percent of Americans held unfavorable views, while 56 percent expressed favorable impressions.
Concomitant nerve injury doubled the risk of an unfavorable mental outcome (HR.
A majority, about $23 million, of the unfavorable development, came from personal lines.
The trade association said that some claims also received unfavorable opinions because they were not within the scope of the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation, adding that these should be authorized under the provision of Article 10.
The main difference, I believe, is that we are focusing our conclusions on just those with strong opinions--very favorable or unfavorable.
Currently, 52 percent of citizens in these states have a favorable view of their state government, and 40 percent have an unfavorable view.
credibility with Muslims around the world, a Gallup Poll update shows that 80% of Americans believe that people in Muslim countries have an unfavorable view of the U.