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It's composed of many things associated with the favorableness or unfavorableness of the job environment as perceived by the individual.
Evidence concerning harmful events is scrutinized to determine its contribution to personal control, and spontaneously evaluated for its favorableness or unfavorableness. These spontaneous evaluations decide which involved person or persons evoke the most negative affect or whose behavior confirms unfavorable expectations, and then ascribes blame to them.
As a consequence of Fiedler's interest in situational control, he investigated the effect of situationally induced stress on leaders and followers, one form of situational unfavorableness. As a result, his investigations led to the development of the Cognitive Resource Theory (CRT) of Leadership (Fiedler & Garcia, 1987).
The other area of similarity pertains to the direction (i.e., the favorableness or unfavorableness) of the reported actions.