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The failure of medicine in regulating Giuliana's sexuality, on the one hand, provides further evidence of the representation of the unfeasibility of the prevailing female models (in this case the angelic, de-sexed woman).
In [14], the authors completely classify the TMs in (3, 2) space among the functions they compute, taking pragmatic approaches that possibly produce small errors to deal with undecidability and unfeasibility issues.
Even with foregoing all forms of digitally mediated communication, an unfeasibility of living in connected societies, individuals can be identified, tracked, and monitored through myriad other surveillance systems such as urban CCTV networks.
Meantime, the GCC's strategy has led to a drop in the competitiveness of shale oil, especially after production platforms started to decline because of their unfeasibility resulting from high production costs in a low oil price environment.
(40) That Hobson persisted, despite warnings from both her publisher and her editor about the unfeasibility of her idea, suggests, in part, Hobson's belief in the creative solution that she had found to her problem of how to treat anti-Semitism in fiction.
An initial signal of the unfeasibility of the Bretton Woods arrangement was the fall of the U.S.
After two years of regular sittings, it found, "it is perfectly obvious that the reason for the disarray in the exile system lies in the very legislation governing it; in the unfeasibility of the very goals it has pursued up to now; in the shortage of funds, the shortage of experienced administrators; in the shortcomings of Siberia's location for penal colonization; and in the vast scale on which exile was used." (120) Reflecting the changed legal culture of the empire in the wake of the Great Reforms, the commission acknowledged that Siberian exile was "harmful and lacked any juridical foundation." It would, however, be another two decades before the government embarked on meaningful reform.
Contrary to this view of global democracy (which he labels as 'Kantian'), Ali Kazancigil is of the opinion that 'it takes all states and nations to share similar worldviews, principles, and political systems, a condition that probably will never be met on a planetary scale.' The author argues the unfeasibility of a model based on the concept of 'global constituency', because it is a 'distant perspective, almost utopian.' (21) He admits as a most optimistic hypothesis the existence of some regional democratic governance in the world today (namely, in parts of the European Union), but reaching just a limited number of state and non-state actors.
Continual negotiation among the ministries of infrastructure and energy and the Public Utilities Authority, the Anti-Trust Authority and the National Economic Council resulted in an offer of settlement to the companies of such Byzantine complexity and manifest unfeasibility that a few days later the agencies involved admitted its faults after it was rejected out of hand by the companies.
Both novels configure the exilic condition at home and in the diaspora, revealing the unfeasibility of fixing an identity in a constant process of becoming.
As mentioned previously, multifunctionality is a characteristic of the studied company; being a small-sized company, it justifies this multifunctionality by the unfeasibility of hiring a worker for a single function.
Reasonableness will be determined by (i) the anticipated or actual harm caused by the breach; (ii) the difficulties of proof of loss; and (iii) the inconvenience or unfeasibility of otherwise obtaining an adequate remedy.