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'It is now impossible to establish a college in an unfeasible place,' a senior official of the department told Dawn.
But the government had also imposed regulatory duty on imported LPG at the same time which also led to widening gap between the prices of local and imported LPG making the imports unfeasible.
Notably, the decision to close Shuaiba refinery came after all studies showed how difficult and economically unfeasible its development would be.
But saving the facades was deemed "unfeasible due to their dangerous condition" - though the frontages will be rebuilt with materials salvaged from the original building.
Shell said the cost of the plant made it "commercially unfeasible, particularly in the current economic climate prevailing in the energy industry".
The firms said the decision came after "a careful and thorough evaluation of commercial quotations from EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) bidders, which showed high capital costs rendering it commercially unfeasible, particularly in the current economic climate prevailing in the energy industry."
During the recent past gold prices have dropped and high fuel costs have made gold processing unfeasible.
But Blackrock said a currency union "looks unfeasible" and would "bring risks to both countries".
Real estate groups say it would foster local conditions that could make rental housing development unfeasible.
All know these issues and many suggestions remain unfeasible," the State Secretary told the board members.
He said he would never attempt to start trilateral talks before "bilateral negotiations bear fruit," adding that trilateral talks are currently "unfeasible."
79 reverse osmosis (RO) plants have been installed in the area since 2004 but most of them are unfeasible, said Samoon.