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This is the very first time I have seen or heard anyone mention the fact we have had PS100 taken from us by an unfeeling government.
It is surely not the intention of any nurse to appear uncaring, unfeeling or unprofessional.
It has let itself be called a government of unfeeling toffs.
However to say that newspapers give guns to footballers and send them to Afghanistan, so that they can earn the title of hero on their return, is the most senseless and unfeeling suggestion I have ever heard.
So I wondered about all the times that Margaret Thatcher was spoken about being unfeeling," Contactmusic quoted her as telling the Daily Beast.
How can the club be so unfeeling as to erase that dragon from its position on the shirt?
Some typos mar the text, as do occasional pontification and blanket statements ("Too much power always makes people unfeeling.
Are future generations condemned to a very uncertain future of random violence from an unfeeling nature, with all the insecurities and agonies of suddenly destroyed communities and decimated populations ad infinitum?
Thank God, most people's consciences would never allow them to be that unfeeling to a fellow human being.
IS IT me or does anyone else think we are being brainwashed into an increasingly unfeeling and uncaring society by those who are responsible for the programmes on our television?
The outcry over that horrific event, which Ms Shoesmith now calls "quite frankly absurd", was made much worse because of her unfeeling behaviour after the news broke.