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"He impressed as cold and unfeeling. He did not often refer to her by name, preferring 'she', 'the girl' or 'my daughter'.
For my money, though, it's Sarah Lancashire as workhouse matron Mrs Corney who really sets the tone for the cold, unfeeling world into which orphaned Oliver is born.
And Strachan has branded those unfeeling fans not fit to call themselves Scots.
The Tories are completely unfeeling." But a Social Security spokesman said the possible Japanese buyout "was not an issue".
The Earl of Elgin, Bruce's direct descendant, whose family kept the teeth and jawbone after they were dug up at Dunfermline, should instead have been down there, claymore in hand, threatening to cut out a few unfeeling scientific hearts.
He probably doesn't intend to be unfeeling or unkind.
MPs deal with thousands of cases a year in which constituents struggle to cope with the hardline rules and unfeeling attitudes of Home Office departments.
FOR those of you who, for some unfathomable reason, find me arrogant, insensitive, boastful and unfeeling towards those less well placed in life let me relay a story of humiliation.
Michael Gallagher, whose son Aidan was killed in the atrocity, described Victims Minister Angela Smith as "uncaring, unfeeling and disinterested".
Labour MP Alice Mahon said: "It was a cruel, unfeeling, outrageous comment."
The statement added: 'Our party insists that the price comparison being contemplated by the APC-controlled Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to warrant an increase, is untenable and further demonstrates that the APC is a party of selfish, unfeeling and insensitive individuals, who relish in inflicting pain and anguish on Nigerians for their selfish desires.
It demonstrates the out-of-touch conceit typical of a Tory who needs to discover the harsh reality of a Britain that his cold, unfeeling policies helped to create.