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Indeed, the opening passages contain some rather too obvious signifiers of Adam's emotional stuntedness: a shot of him staring unfeelingly into his dad's open grave; a freezer stacked with nothing but macaroni-and-cheese TV dinners; a routine that sends him back and forth between his tidy flat and his job as an electronic engineer.
Uncharacteristically, unfeelingly killing the Arab as a brutal pied-noir like his friend Raymond might do, Meursault sets himself on a scapegoat's sacrificial course but fails during his trial in his efforts to serve as an exemplar leading sinning fellow men to see the "truth.
Many record how medical practices are all too often aggressively, unfeelingly "macho" and overly specialized and fragmented, failing to address the totality of our suffering and its unintended consequences on those who love and care for us.
That they can legally be beaten to death in a sack, trapped, shot or even drowned by 'pesf controllers, is an indication of how unfeelingly savage our society has become.
When Narraboth kills himself, the Page goes to the body, but (in a further reduction of emotional connection between the characters) only apparently to check his pulse to see is he is actually dead: unfeelingly letting Narraboth's arm fall to the floor, the Page gets up and snuggles up to Wilde on the divan.
But quantum theory helps us understand that all is one: experience should not be cut in half to satisfy an erroneous worldview that would turn truth-seekers into emotional blanks, people with "almost adamantine bodies" who unfeelingly take in nature without being touched or moved by it.
To be sure, scientists sometimes behave unfeelingly, just as other humans do.
People who, in the past, might have been let off with a stern warning from a patrol officer - and driven all the better for it afterwards - tend to be resentful of robots which unfeelingly and rigidly dish out penalties.
For Theriault, the heart of the problem is a kind of West German clerical imperialism that imposed the Federal Republic's constitutionally anchored and rather intimate church-state relationship unfeelingly and clumsily upon East German ecclesiastical arrangements that had undergone marked transformations and innovations during forty years of totalitarian role.
13) At this point Falkland stands diametrically opposed to his former self, who argues to Tyrrel that they "must not use the advantage that accident has given [them], with an unmerciful hand," such that "if [they] unfeelingly give another turn to the machine, [the lower orders] will be crushed into atoms" (77).
One has to find them moving and profound, otherwise one is unfeelingly aiming a low blow at a brave author already pretty much down on his luck.
To speak so unfeelingly of her own feelings, to look so