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The good man having made a very Christian exhortation to me, not to let the joy of my reprieve put the remembrance of my past sorrow out of my mind, and having told me that he must leave me, to go and enter the reprieve in the books, and show it to the sheriffs, stood up just before his going away, and in a very earnest manner prayed to God for me, that my repentance might be made unfeigned and sincere; and that my coming back, as it were, into life again, might not be a returning to the follies of life which I had made such solemn resolutions to forsake, and to repent of them.
Having invented his own pictorial codes, his works are invested with an unfeigned passion, exploring his own life experiences alongside the history of his country, its epics and recent events.
For the SS17 Trends presentation, MAC Cosmetics focused mainly on looks that are unfeigned, genuine and believable.
Poetic beauty can be found in the world whenever it attains some unfeigned harmony with sense or with reason.
While there is just a hint of scepticism in Burns's remarks about Kerry, his admiration for Clinton seems unfeigned.
There is nothing over-mastereth the Heart like Grace, and so obligeth to sincere and unfeigned Obedience as that" (p.
The footage itself is striking, and the implications of the experiment profound, but what makes the scene is Schultz's palpable, unfeigned excitement at the result, so intense that it makes him seem giddy.
the most interesting person in the room wherever she was, she had a remarkable, unfeigned ability to make you feel singularly interesting as well.
His affection for fans, family, and friends was unstinting and unfeigned.
Keels recently released her ninth book, Love Unfeigned, and her first poetry album, Hope.
But Otto Albert "was a model of unfeigned stoicism.
He is taken aback by the unfeigned friendliness of people and narrates the anecdotes about his Turkish friends in uplifting tones.