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I and some other people here have repeatedly complained about these uncovered and unfenced power boxes, but only got promises.
Mr Al Ghatam said municipality officials have started setting up warning signs near unfenced land in several areas.
Their highly dangerous unfenced footpath route has partially been depicted, either a nonsensical seven metres over the cliff edge on official maps, or on crumbling, clearly friable, Ordovician Nantmel Mudstone cliffs, where there is not enough room for a path.
Warder's ideas to use a catalpa tree hedge and unfenced lots were considered highly original for the time.
In one instance, Caltrans installed electric mats at unfenced intersections near San Luis Obispo on Highway 101, which bisects a major wildlife corridor in the Los Padres National Forest.
There is no stigma to hunting behind game fences, and it can be just as 'fair chase' as hunting an unfenced game block in a concession--the criteria though is size.
Ideally, there would be an enforced 40mph speed limit on all unfenced roads across common land, so that people know that commons are special; you slow down for commons.
The Border Security Forces in Meghalaya have also been asked to intensify patrolling and to tighten security along the unfenced sectors along the 498 km-long international border with Bangladesh.
From today, members of the public can walk around the now unfenced 6.
flocks of leaves skittering across childhood's unfenced yard.
Dogs will be required to be on a lead on roads and pavements, around unfenced outdoor play equipment, and in public ornamental gardens, public car parks, and on religious and school premises.
She said there are rights of way across the land, which has been unfenced and used for decades by playing children, young footballers, dog walkers, bike riders, kite flyers and others.