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Build new pedestrian fence in some currently unfenced areas.
There is a 16-km-wide free zone (8km on either side of the frontier) along the 1,643-km unfenced India-Myanmar border.
Today, most deaths reported by Border Patrol officials occur in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, where most of the border remains unfenced, and in the Tucson, Arizona, area, which is mostly fenced.
Mill Creek is an unfenced, minimum- security prison in Salem that houses approximately 290 male inmates who are within four years of release.
The footage shows the heavily armed terrorists wearing Army fatigues and carrying backpacks walking towards the police station entered Pathankot's which Indo- are sneaked soil unfenced lying Pathankot Jammu
Though there was no official word on who the attackers were, but Indian media quoting unnamed sources said they are suspected to have sneaked into India from Pakistan through the unfenced border between Jammu and Pathankot or Chak Hira in Jammu district.
For the property's unfenced areas, the designers chose only plants that deer don't like.
Campaigners plan to introduce 24 Eurasian lynx to unfenced private estates in Northumberland, Norfolk, Cumbria and Aberdeenshire.
READING Jill Coleman's letter about the unfenced lake destined for Clairville Common I could not believe that the council's planning committee could have lost the plot so completely.
Inspectors will be dispatched to areas populated with unfenced land including Shakhoora, Saar and Hamad Town, where companies violating the rules will face fines or even suspensions, said a report in the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication.
Inspectors are visiting Shakhoora, Saar and Hamad Town in the Northern Govornate where there is an an abundance of unfenced land which is being used as a tipping ground
BSF plans to set up the laser walls in unfenced areas on the international border, which is about 15% along India-Pakistan and about 35% of India-Bangladesh.