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Patrick Mutimushi, acting director-general of the regulator said people with disabilities faced several difficulties in accessing and using ICTs, a situation he said was against the aim of ensuring equal and unfettered access to ICT services.
But our focus on retaining full and unfettered access to the single market is unwavering.
COUNCILLORS in one Welsh local authority will be urged to support Scottish independence to make it a "free and unfettered country.
Ban has consistently urged the Syrian authorities to provide full and unfettered access to the mission.
We do not need to look far to see potent examples of the dangers of unfettered republicanism", Mr Armer informs us.
STEPHEN HAWKING: AN UNFETTERED MIND uses interviews with Hawking and his colleagues, friends and family to provide a well-rounded picture of Hawking's life and times.
Summary: BEIRUT: The Lebanese Economy and Trade Ministry released a list of 24 food basket price ceilings last weekend, amid a series of heated debates between the Agriculture Ministry, consumer protection groups, trade unions, and importer syndicates about unfettered price rises in the food market over recent months.
Summary: Vince Cable is aiming to soothe Liberal Democrat anxiety over a lurch to the right by launching an attack on unfettered capitalism.
WASHINGTON * The Vatican Supreme Court's recent series of decrees approving the closing of parishes in Boston reiterated that Canon Law, specifically Canon 515, gives bishops "almost unfettered discretion" in deciding when to open, close or change a parish.
They have been the cheer leaders, along with the Progressive Democrats and Fianna Fail, of unfettered free marketeerism for as long as we can remember," he said.
There must be unfettered access to humanitarian agencies.
We post all published letters on the Unfettered Letters blog, allowing even more readers to reply and debate in unfettered form.