unfilled place

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They consult clearing guides in the national papers or the UCAS website to find out which universities have unfilled place on courses they are interested in.
It costs local education authorities about pounds 270 a year to maintain every unfilled place and money saved can be spent on books and teachers.
Unfilled places in the Hexham and Haydon Bridge areas and the "precarious financial positions" of many smaller schools have been raised as matters to address.
HUNDREDS of students were offered places at Welsh universities through clearing a day after A-level results were revealed in what has been described as one of the best years ever to apply through the service to allocate unfilled places.
The Clearing process is the way that universities match unfilled places with applicants who haven't got a place.
The proposals form part of the council's ongoing School Modernisation Strategy, which aims to improve education in the county and tackle unfilled places.
Although enrolment numbers have grown steadily at Aughnacloy Primary School in recent years there is a high level of unfilled places at controlled primary schools in the wider area.
It's a "damning indictment" that of 26 due to open in September, 13 have unfilled places, say Labour.
Critical reports had highlighted inadequate performance and an increasing number of unfilled places.
This is how universities match unfilled places with applicants who haven't got a place.
But this has led to universities taking a "cautious" approach to student recruitment, which can lead to unfilled places, according to Business secretary Vince Cable and universities minister David Willetts.