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Southern Discomfort: Revisiting the Jewish Question in Tova Mirvis's The Ladies Auxiliary" In Unfinalized Moments: Essays in the Development of Contemporary Jewish American Narrative.
Allowing this trial judge, even if he were to sit mute, to meet privately with a crime victim's family and pastor regarding sentencing and unfinalized plea agreements would create a dangerous precedent that could produce injustice in other cases.
Main features: painting works, wall covering and cleaning themselves in the context of a market work to restructure the medical and social center of Hospital DOUE-LA-FONTAINE) (49 -Site Doue-La-Fontaine (49) including the construction of 26 shelter beds (phases 3 and 4 combined) + completion unfinalized exterior painting of Phase 2 for information, the work phases 1 and 2 were received.
Grenier makes this observation in her discussion of Tolstoy's polyphony and movement toward an unfinalized female ward character.
The biggest banks have been on a massive lobbying campaign to water down as yet unfinalized derivatives rules.
According to the Revealed Law, this means the return of a woman who is in her waiting period from an unfinalized, non-threefold divorce to the state of marriage; see Keller, Reliance, 564-565, for further details.
The definition tells us much less about what open structure is than about what it is intended to accomplish: to present structuralism as a viable venture by fending off accusations that it necessarily presupposes a hermetic and totalizing order immune to the accidental and the unfinalized.
Unfinalized moments; essays in the development of contemporary Jewish American narrative.
Recall that the story from the picture and its related stories are really non-linear, unfinalized, and incoherent.
Such "objectified or finalized" characters (a fair description of Raymond and Drain) are opposed to the unfinalized hero of the living idea in Dostoyevsky's novels, where dialogical art reaches its apogee.
He is editor of a book from Purdue University Press called Unfinalized Moments: Essays in the Development of Contemporary Jewish American Fiction.
Some sponsors will let a report sit unfinalized at the CRO for (literally) years, because it is no longer a high priority.