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I afterwards learned that, knowing my father's advanced age and unfitness for so long a journey, and how wretched my sickness would make Elizabeth, he spared them this grief by concealing the extent of my disorder.
But, though expressing regret for my momentary loss of self-control, I cannot recede from the position I have taken up as regards the essential unfitness of Clarence's presence in the home.
The impulse to help her got the better of any sense of my own unfitness which I might have felt under the circumstances; and I stated such ideas on the subject as occurred to me on the spur of the moment, to the best of my ability.
He played with the ears of his hound; fingered his own rustic garment, and opened and shut the pan of his rifle, with hands that trembled in a manner that would have implied their total unfitness to wield the weapon.
Numbers of people seemed to come abroad, pretty much as people had come into the prison; through debt, through idleness, relationship, curiosity, and general unfitness for getting on at home.
Philip winced under this allusion to his unfitness for active sports, and he answered almost peevishly,--
The permissible grounds of objection are such as are specified in Article 7(4)(a) to (e)(i) of the Licensing Order, namely, failure to comply with the correct procedure, unfitness of applicant, unsuitability of premises and that the number of licensed premises of that kind in the vicinity is or will be adequate.
In this case, in her submission, the behaviour is incompatible with being a registered teacher and a finding of unfitness is necessary in order to protect the public interest.
Later, the GTCS said: "The behaviour is incompatible with being a registered teacher and a finding of unfitness is necessary to protect the public interest.
Contract award: benefits in professional assessments for reasons of medical unfitness for the staff of the city of toulon.
Two years ago, Towb was a guy in his mid-30s drifting toward physical unfitness.
Pisa 2013 demonstrates incontrovertibly our unfitness in state educational stewardship: civil service leadership is our chronic problem.