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But, though expressing regret for my momentary loss of self-control, I cannot recede from the position I have taken up as regards the essential unfitness of Clarence's presence in the home.
The small quantity of cultivated land in the whole line of valley, does not so much depend on inequalities of level, and consequent unfitness for irrigation, as on the small supply of water.
The impulse to help her got the better of any sense of my own unfitness which I might have felt under the circumstances; and I stated such ideas on the subject as occurred to me on the spur of the moment, to the best of my ability.
He played with the ears of his hound; fingered his own rustic garment, and opened and shut the pan of his rifle, with hands that trembled in a manner that would have implied their total unfitness to wield the weapon.
Numbers of people seemed to come abroad, pretty much as people had come into the prison; through debt, through idleness, relationship, curiosity, and general unfitness for getting on at home.
Unfitness to pursue our research in the unfathomable waters.
In upholding the IBP's earlier ruling, the Supreme Court, in its per curiam decision, ruled that Camacho's acts were so reprehensible, and his violations of the [Code] are so flagrant, exhibiting his moral unfitness and inability to discharge his duties as a member of the bar.
In this case, in her submission, the behaviour is incompatible with being a registered teacher and a finding of unfitness is necessary in order to protect the public interest.
V, [section]12, Florida Constitution, to investigate complaints against judges whose conduct demonstrates a present unfitness to hold office and recommends disciplinary action to the Supreme Court.
But in terms of considering sentence, he told the district judge, "One looks at the unfitness, not the cause of it.
But he argued that what induced his condition was irrelevant, adding: "All we are concerned with is the level of unfitness to drive - high or low.
Insp Evans said: ``What we are trying to get is some measure of their alertness or unfitness to drive, and if they fail they can then be taken in to the station for medical tests.