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It's just little things so I don't think it's unfixable, but it demands a lot of concentration and persistence.
It's a chance to fix the unfixable and to start all over again.
He knows that he may have committed a thoroughly unfixable act, and it's one that could truly change everything in Salem forever.
I will make sure to tell my children and grandchildren this story if I get the chance because the crisis has broken many unfixable things in us and taught us, the hard way, many valuable lessons our children deserve to learn.
It will be unfixable if we were all asked to be part of this bipartisan process, have the rug pulled out from under us, and a bill voted on that has no CBO score reordering 1/5 of the American economy.
As she mulled that decision, she decided to have tests done, and if they showed some terrible, life-threatening defect that was unfixable, she would terminate.
On the street, this failure will be unfixable, which is why I use a metal floorplate or an extended-length polymer one on my carry 1911s.
He specializes in fruitlessly trying to fix the unfixable.
For many churches, the slow loss of members may sometimes feel like an unfixable leak.
As is the case with the robots it depicts, there are unsettling and possibly unfixable flaws built into the base code of this drama, which, through its first four episodes, remains deeply confused about what it wants to be and what it wants to say.
The decision came in a statement which explained that the decision came due to the fact that "their (the two employees') situation is unfixable (.