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We say it should either be redesigned to be fit for purpose, replaced by a brand new system, or axed in favour of the old system if it is unfixable.
"If you think the window problems in your home are unfixable, please be reassured, Extraglaze panels have been fitted to every type of listed building, with great success every time.
Think of it like a patch designed to correct defective software, it attempts to fix the unfixable by removing hemp and its derivatives from the purview of the DEA and Controlled Substances Act, they say.
The circumstances of his move to Celtic - off the back of an unfixable fall-out with then Dundee boss, Neil McCann - raised eyebrows.
At a time of sharp media focus, the PTI would be committing a grave mistake if it were to quickly and thoughtlessly dismiss the initially slow pick-up of the opposition's protest engine as an unfixable problem in their strategy.
Similarly, no one likes a corrupt politician or a corrupted file, as they are completely broken and seemingly unfixable.
It's to the point where if we don't address these problems, it's going to become unfixable."
Whether manufacturers use software updates that may make products obsolete or unfixable if they have been previously repaired by consumers or repair shops;
To other researchers, including Alexander Henley, sectarianism is a "survival strategy for authoritarian regimes", that want the "the US to think that "sectarianism is ancient and unfixable so that we will fear democratisation in the Middle East as much as they do."
It is unfixable, [The Post's article] is out already.
Sycosis: An inherent, unfixable flaw or weakness that requires hiding or covering up.
"My nose is a little bit bent now, so it is unfixable until the end of the season," he told the Mirror.