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Says Basso further in the report, "When those recalled cars go unfixed, they compound over the years, and it increases the chance of those parts failing.
WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues.
There are a number of far more serious problems still unfixed in the gaming social networks I discussed, but I would like to avoid describing those directly," Cortesi said Tuesday via email.
Despite the researchers publishing their work publicly in October 2011 - it still remains unfixed.
The authors of this letter claim to use antibodies suitable for unfixed samples instead of antibodies normally used for immunohistochemistry.
With unending quakes and the nuclear plant remaining unfixed for so long, investors can't think what they should expect in the longer term,'' said Masayoshi Okamoto, equity strategist at Jujiya Securities Co.
Even the alias, Planningtorock, is an unfixed, sexless clause.
It's a challenge educating people about how many kittens these unfixed cats can have; the horrible, miserable lives that thousands of cats have; and the importance of getting strays and ferals fixed.
why bother asking Wagner whether he's taking this totally unfixed contest seriously?
33, picked up my Pachmayer Combat Special and put it in the safe, where it has stayed--except for the occasional TLC--for the past 30 years, unfixed.
5 million bales in unfixed on-call sales should provide decent support and keep any sell-off attempts contained.
6/10 The Unfixed Stars, by Michael Byers, in paperback by Picador, pounds 12.