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She had an extended support circle of friends and neighbors who provided her with company, friendship, and unflagging encouragement throughout her illness.
But, he said, "The unflagging will of the people is stronger than American power.
But they argued that Tony Blair's "skilful diplomacy and unflagging commitment" to restarting negotiations in Ulster were key factors in securing a peace accord which officially brought to an end one of the bloodiest conflicts in post-war Europe.
Helmer Enrique Gabriel remains unflagging in his commitment to tackle uncomfortable themes, here commenting on current economic woes while creating a range of well-played, credible characters in believable situations.
20 January 2011 - US e-commerce giant Ebay (NASDAQ:EBAY) performed better than expected during its fourth quarter mostly due to the unflagging popularity of PayPal, its online pay processing service, the Financial Times reported.
Their comrades all speak of their unflagging enthusiasm for their work and cheerful outlook, and they will be sorely missed.
Franco Gussalli Beretta presented the 20-gauge over-and-under to the president "in appreciation for his leadership during his time in office as Commander in Chief and for his unflagging support of Americans' rights to keep and bear arms.
The finale, full of fireworks drawn from Russian folk idiom, went with unflagging, bubbling euphoria.
Devotion The judge praised the "devotion and unflagging energy" of Harry's parents Debra and Michael, who were present in court.
This is not the first time our well-known colleague has been given an award; her unflagging struggle for the recognition of women's rights and freedom from discrimination is well known.
UNFLAGGING Breidge Cogan & Pearl Anderson STORM IN A D-CUP Bras tied to Dail gate BRAVO Cancer protesters at the Dail yesterday
We valued not only his expertise and breadth of knowledge, but his unflagging kindness and consideration for others.