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Even though his travels during the past two decades have also taken him to Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Great Britain, Canada and elsewhere, Kuchta remains unflaggingly optimistic about Korea's future role in world ceramics.
Yet it is so critical to Hill's thesis that he needs it to be true, so he simply asserts it forcefully and unflaggingly, apparently hoping the reader will forget he never demonstrated it to even the flimsiest of standards.
Yet, his two wives, who lived in Dalat, unflaggingly supported him.
Through a long life with considerable hardships, including the untimely death of his first wife, a series of mental breakdowns in midcareer, and the partial loss of one of his limbs in retirement, Warren continued to reach out to his epistolary friends unflaggingly for sustenance.
These missionaries resemble those same "perpetuators" who, as Retamar says, "unflaggingly propose to countries emerging from colonialism magic formulas from the metropolis to solve the grave problems colonialism has left us and which, of course, they have not yet resolved in their own countries" (7).
Except, of course, when it comes to his mom, to whom he's unflaggingly devoted.
But this person," Artaud continued, already foreseeing that this spectacular dreamworld would not allow for unlimited fantasies, "will always be the same, and this landscape, or setting, or action, or drama will always, unflaggingly, be the same." (10) As vehemently as Debord, Artaud foresaw how the prevailing development of multimedia spectacle would entail ideological restrictions on the experiences to be simulated.
Green is also unflaggingly linear in his plotting and development, giving the novel a strangely flattened feeling.
Let's welcome then, the Reform to the Compulsory Health Plan that, for the first time, highlights the need to work in the field of mental health as stipulated in Article 66 of this new agreement we waited for so long and for whose attainment we have unflaggingly struggled from different instances of the Colombian Psychiatry Association.
The book Principles of Psychology by Keller and Schoenfeld was published in 1950 and was intended to promote ideas of a group of psychologists "unflaggingly on the lookout for fundamental principles of behavior--principles which hold true for white rats as well as the college student, for the dog in laboratory harness as well as the patient on the psychoanalyst's couch, for the tribal savage as well as the sophisticated product or our own culture" (Keller & Schoenfeld, 1950/1995, p.
Second, BCTF takes the long view, setting and pursuing labour relations goals that it pursues consistently and unflaggingly. It has also shown itself to be a highly adaptable organization, altering its strategies to suit changing contexts, and somehow managing to draw strength from each set of adversities or setbacks in its history.
A rare-for-Spain, nearly half-hour six-seg comedy, "Que fue" pictures real-life Spanish thesp Jorge Sanz's pathetic attempts to reboot a supposedly flagging career, aided by his unflaggingly optimistic tyro agent.