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Kima is unflappable, softspoken, watchful underneath her ever-present baseball cap.
The only time in the interview when the otherwise unflappable Dougan becomes animated is when it is suggested that the loss of Mack's Rolodex of Chinese contacts would be a blow.
Or Frances Barber's reprehensible Nurse Ratched two nights later in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest": Barber--ever unflappable --met the scorn of a sold-out house with (what better?
Max's composure, intelligence and plain common sense, as well as his unflappable good humor, shepherded the project from darkness to light, through successions of project managers and out of deadlock to agreement.
But in a scene that still leaves audiences skittish about scissors, Kelly manages to bury the shears in her assailant's back, and the unflappable Wendice has to do some very quick thinking to serve up Margot in a tight frame for the murder of her supposed blackmailer.
Thanks to Suzanne Bilyeu for her speed, accuracy, and unflappable professionalism.
He enlivens even a narrative on par ty politics by relating how the unflappable and indestructible Palmerston when in his late seventies was named co-respondent in a divorce petition filed by one O'Kane.
Critics of the bird-dinosaur theory remain unflappable in the face of the new evidence.
While the off-screen Martha, with her shrewd business manipulations, carries on the Riefenstahl-Susann tradition of Woman as Corporate Ball-Buster, on-screen Martha is an unflappable, soft-edged, obsessive reproach to the working mom, the career woman, and the less-than-driven housewife alike.
No wonder the Establishment of the 1950s--when the premium on consensus was easily maintained--so liked this unflappable Virginian aristocrat that they gave him one plum job after another.
THESE lucky ducklings were rescued by an unflappable team of firefighters after getting trapped down a drain by the side of the road.