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The hundreds of Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Shintoists and others who show up, unflappably committed to dialogue, often seem to have more in common with each other than with hardliners in their own traditions.
England bowler Dominic Cork mops his weary brow as Sri Lankan opener Marvan Atapattu remains unflappably cool; The England coach Duncan Fletcher watches on at Lord's
At the reunion, she taught us all, calmly, patiently, unflappably.
The move began with an uncharacteristic slip-up by the unflappably cool Paolo Maldini.
Unflappably, Buchloh was reading his impressive "Michael Asher and the Conclusion of Modernist Sculpture" to an audience who probably had little idea of Modernism, much less Asher's work (I, for one, had not heard much about the latter).
To the contrary, he seems unflappably relaxed, offhand, and even a tad careless -- until you try to land a blow on him, at which point he promptly melts away.
The octogenarian author depicts life's smaller quarrels, secondary absurdities, and minor achievements with a forgiving and comprehending detachment that is marvelously reinforced by his composed and unflappably elegant writing.
A reconciliatory dinner is scheduled, and tensions run high, but Gold navigates the choppy waters as unflappably as ever.