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2005: The effect of spring chronology on the timing of breeding and on the occurrence of unfledged birds at the beginning of the hunting season in mallard and common goldeneye populations.
most heavily influenced by an unfledged author would come to be viewed
Battle-scarred detectives and unfledged public defenders had something in common: they took the phrase "good enough for government work" as an insult and a goad when it was applied to their own professional lives.
In the place of detail and completeness, what we get is, on the one hand, a collection of fragmentary documents that, even as they pile up, can only display how little there is to tell (how much, that is, we must make up by reading between the lines), and on the other hand, Lodge's tribute to "latent capacity" and "nascent genius," the "altar" he feels compelled to raise to the memory of doomed youth: "It is mainly of these unfledged songsters, these undeveloped athletes, these youths of blighted promise, that I write" (Christopher 12).
The 1820s in Russia were a decade of greatly expanding readership and a dynamic, though unfledged and polarized, culture of literary criticism, which served as intermediary between author and public.
All that remains of the pamphlet is the following passage: "Plaies will never be supprest, while her maiesties unfledged minions flaunt it in silkes and sattens.
There is a smell of glue, and freshly-drilled chipboard, and incipient panic, and as I look around, on my slightly furtive way up a shadowy staircase towards the tall building's virgin upper balcony, it strikes me that if in 1986 the unfledged Swan looked like an auditorium just bought from Habitat or Crate and Barrel, in 2006 the Courtyard definitely feels as though it has instead been picked up at Ikea.
I placed Little Bird's body on the spreading bough of a pine tree, said a prayer for its tiny, unfledged soul, and returned to the empty, silent apartment.
Stella, of course, had attracted a lot of attention during the years encompassed by the show; in 1970, he had a retrospective at MOMA, aged thirty-four--notably young in an era before unfledged art school students could expect to be snatched up by dealers.
What he "reads" or, more accurately, "writes," into evidence, however, is a "brief materialization" of this prior text ("a puny unfledged phoenix") offered "by courtesy of a photographic memory" (40)--a "materialization" not unlike the erased "hot thunder" of Lolita's whispered invitation.
As a bird unfledged is the broad-winged night, whose winglets are callow Yet, but soon with their plumes will she cover her brood from afar, Cover the brood of her worlds that cumber the skies with their blossom Thick as the darkness of leaf-shadowed spring is encumbered with flowers.
Then came the roasted squab (a young, unfledged bird, usually a pigeon) with chocolate bonbon and beetroot cannelloni, attended by Liefmans Frambozen (4.