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The Constituents said he was an honourable man and elected him to the United States Congress, unpledged and unfledged.
It confides an unfledged scion to some head-clerk, or gives him in charge of a directory who initiates him into what Bilboquet, that profound philosopher, called the high comedy of government; he is spared all the horrors of drudgery and is finally appointed to some important office.
The hawk is aerial brother of the wave which he sails over and surveys, those his perfect air-inflated wings answering to the elemental unfledged pinions of the sea.
If the animal prove a quadruped, Ishmael is a true man--if a biped, fledged or unfledged, I care not, he is false, and our compactum at an end
Confined by unfledged network infrastructure and the lack of interoperability among connected devices with different network technologies and standards, the digital home development however did not proceed as planned.
We used a box trap or modified Weller trap (Weller 1957) to capture nesting adult Piping Plovers while they incubated, and we captured unfledged juvenile birds with a small net.
A strong breeze soon fanned the spark into a flame, and the eaglets, as yet unfledged and helpless, were roasted in their nest and dropped down dead at the bottom of the tree.
In Hemans's Petrarchan sonnet, the unfledged bird on the nest is a metaphor for the human spirit awaiting its flight after death into "immeasurable skies":