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Our data show that REJd1 and REJd2 domains are mechanically stable and unfold at forces of about 200 pN and 60 pN, respectively.
The SASA of the proteins in folded and unfolded forms were calculated using DSSP program implemented in GROMACS package.
I would bring in articles, essays, and video clips, and we would discuss how the main characters--the candidates--have changed or not, how the plot has unfolded, and what it all means in terms of larger issues and themes.
The protein-unfolding factor is expected to be used to tackle those diseases as the abnormal structure of prions, once unfolded, will be resolved by enzymes in the body.
A moderator and role players feed crisis team members details as the scenario unfolds. For example, a scripted role player calls the program office, "This is a drill.
The essence of law was not, originally, the courtroom in which the trial took place (which was throughout most of our history, after all, the royal courtroom rather than a special legal court) but it was rather the trial procedure which unfolded in that courtroom.
This two-act drama also unfolds as a drama of seven scenes: one per novel.
Travelling to the various remote landscapes of the world filming wildlife as it unfolded seemed better than hammering away on a computer all day.
CIMLOGIC's latest version of Toolbox/SM for Solids generates and unfolds sheet metal models directly inside the Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 3.
In this mesmerizing story, which unfolds with the compelling force of a mystery novel, Lessard explores how her powerful and infamous great-grandfather, the architect Stanford White, has haunted her family through four generations.
Unfold the colored paper and place it on the white paper, lining up the edges.
This innovative multimedia event will unfold over the course of the next 24 hours on TV, the internet and Twitter, releasing updates at the precise minute events actually happened 69 years ago.