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The film is constructed with a delicate and insightful precision and while individual scenes seem to unfold at a painstakingly slow pace, the actual narrative moves quickly and is constructed with extreme economy.
Because the primeval oscillations unfold at about one cycle every 50,000 years, they're equivalent to the notes 50 octaves below the lowest piano key.
The idea was to continue our dialogue and mirror their event by showing a film that, in a sense, restores the library's panoramic window as the city unfolds through it.
Alexander Epstein, a student journalist at Stuyvesant High School, watched the horror unfold from the window of his classroom.
I sit here and think about the criticism I got 10 years ago and yet here we are watching these two great wild-card races unfold and it's fascinating,'' Selig said.
Bert Holldobler at the University of Wurzburg in Germany and his colleagues have found that the pads can repeatedly retract into the foot and then unfold as an insect walks.
The jury citation read, "We chose this production for the courage to allow the work to unfold in its own time frame, for its visual poetry, and we also applaud the structure created by the director, which reveals the compelling presence and the eloquence of the artist.
Other songs such as ``My Heart,'' ``Old Friends'' and ``Promises of Paris'' unfold with style and glamour.
Several states put their approval on hold to see how the California fight would unfold.
Here one witnessed a dreamlike story unfold in distinct temporal and spatial phases: A mother awakens her daughter, then goes with her into the bathroom to scrub her back.