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For your chance to win a pair of tickets for Unfolding Sky at Bede's World on June 22 at 7pm, simply email your membership number, name, address, daytime telephone number and answer to the question below to cultureclub@ncjmedia.
We have developed a method to solve this problem and control the crumpling and unfolding of large-area graphene films," Zhao said.
ARTISTIC Year 5 pupils from Wingrove Primary School, Newcastle; from left, Mafooz, Radiah, Paige and Dana helping to design Viking helmets and dragons with Annie Rigby, centre, of Unfolding Theatre
On the other hand, C-terminal to-Lys 48 linked polyubiquitin yielded a different saw tooth pattern with unfolding forces of about 85 pN separated by only 7.
Unfolding a protein requires energy to overcome friction between molecules in addition to the energy needed to counter molecular forces.
If this book, the first instalment in Thames & Hudson's new Unfolding History series, is any indication of the quality of those to follow, then it's time to make some space on your bookshelf.
283) "What is the narrator's role in the unfolding events?
Rist's new work, Stir Heart, Rinse Heart, 2004, is far grander, unfolding in two adjacent darkened rooms.
This tripartition is a trap lying in wait for unsuspecting garden designers who, like God, intervene in the world of natural laws and unfolding evolution trying to make nature or the world into a better place.
Zupanov goes on unfolding the personality of Nobili and Fernandes and the manipulation or influence used by both to score a point and defeat the opponent.
The Sache for him is the historical happening of manifestness, the very movement of the unfolding figures of Being's manifestness, its alethic unfolding unconcealment.