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The equivalence that associates parts of a symmetry defines a musical moment, a clear and cognit ively distinct "now" that may be one aspect of a simultaneity, or a premise for opposition in "an unfoldment of nows.
Though the Iranian Revolution raised much hope in many circles, its unfoldment has led to disillusionment among some Iranians and guarded optimism among many die-hard supporters of the late imam.
And indeed, the more closely one analyses the different tendencies of art, the more their fundamental differences seem to disappear or to become merely differences of degree, so that even in naturalism and romanticism one finds certain idealising elements which have simply not reached the point of conscious and clear unfoldment.
Hence one can ask to what extent history is shaped by philosophers and by the unfoldment of philosophical thought.
in an unending process of development, evolution, and unfoldment, which fits
Along with the serial journal entries, Rutherford establishes this motif when he describes the god's "gradual unfoldment before" him as a "seriality of images I could not stare at straight on but only take in furtive glimpses" (169).
Such a style of thinking would then be more in keeping with a world view in which the micro-organizing processes of actions, interactions, emergence and unfoldment are viewed as the 'real' focal elements of organizational analyses.
Through drawings, films, and photographs exhibiting slavery, discrimination, and various aspects of daily life, Black underscores his musical unfoldment with cogent visual reminders of more subtle meanings.
The visionary episteme is that context of experience which, through visionary dreams and encounters, contributes diverse and pluralistic meanings, images, acts, objects, and narratives to an ongoing dialogical process of cultural unfoldment.
Convergence and affinity lie rather in the global poetics of a minimality-perceived and quietly transfigured as maximalness; of an embrace and honoring of those "tiny nothings" of our presence; of a by-passing of the blatancy of dominant values, esthetic and ethical, and a recognition of a meaning beyond reduction and systematization, residing within the infinite "simplicities" of the world's unfoldment, meditatable and conveyable via poetry's equally "simple" "threadings" and "tuggings," "diary jottings," and odelettes.
This means that one has to observe the observer to see when and why he takes the risk of an unfoldment - of a deconstructible unfoldment.