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It is the first time for a factor that can unfold any type of protein structure to be discovered, they said.
The frames unfold as a vignettelike sequence of reduced architectonic impressions, each one vaguely familiar as a station or stopping point: the entrance to the airport, the gate check, the baggage check, and finally, the airplane cabin.
Script how that situation could unfold, identify parties involved, and set goals for the drill.
It's a science of the built environment which allows all the wonderful potential of the Self to unfold without effort, so that we can maintain and grow our individual connectedness with the cosmic value of life (the unified field).
We watch the whole action unfold in unmanipulated real time, yet this scene, like all the scenes of the janitor at work, has a certain mesmeric appeal.
Music, too, unfolds through time, like the petals of a flower.
Robin's discovery is that he can't ever be normal, and his realization unfolds with a hyperclarity that scrutinizes the complex tangle of emotions--rage, love, repressed desire--that govern suburban relationships.
The crazy capers unfold when a cheating husband decides to entertain his chic Parisian mistress for the weekend.
Automates More Tasks Available directly from CIMLOGIC for $1295 and fully integrated with Mechanical Desktop, Toolbox/SM will automatically create a flat pattern simply by clicking on an unfold button and picking an the edge of the model.
The stories of sexual abuse, which do not fully unfold until the end of the book, are riveting.
The last 30 minutes of Our Lady of Angels School unfolds as a season in hell.
Feminists, Islam and Nation narrates the story of Egyptian feminism as it unfolds from the turn of the Twentieth Century until the 1950s.