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She also had eight double faults and made eight unforced errors.
I was missing a lot of balls and trying to cut back on unforced errors.
The Kenyan win came easy with the pair garnering points from kill serves, blocking and several unforced errors from their opponents.
Romanian Simona Halep committed just three unforced errors in her women's singles final
KONTA 4 ACES 3 3 DOUBLE FAULTS 1 42/61 (69%) FIRST SERVE % IN 41/66 (62%) 28/42 (67%) WIN % ON 1ST SERVE 21/41 (51%) 14/19 (74%) WIN % ON 2ND SERVE 16/25 (64%) 14/24 (58%) NET POINTS WON 16/23 (70%) 3/7 (43%) BREAK POINTS WON 1/2 (50%) 29/66 (44%) RECEIVING POINTS WON 19/61 (31%) 22 WINNERS 28 9 UNFORCED ERRORS 33 71 TOTAL POINTS WON 56
The 21-year-old hit 13 unforced errors while the Slovakian didn't need to hit a single winner.
The 2018 French Open champion was without a coach and on a five-match losing streak coming into the year's first Grand Slam and had to make sure she kept her unforced errors to a minimum.
The tight contest again saw an unforced error from the world number six and scoreline resulted in 7-7.
Hsieh hit 25 winners to just 16 unforced errors, converting four of the six break points she held.
The role of unforced, natural climate variability--particularly natural sea surface temperature (SST) variability--in recent tropical widening was examined and found to be the dominant driver of recent expansion.
The inexperienced Pakistani defende made numerous unforced errors and paid the price.