unforeseen circumstance

References in classic literature ?
Sometimes seeing myself and companions safely landed, sometimes wishing, in spite of my reason, that some unforeseen circumstance, would prevent the realisation of Ned Land's project.
A very few moments afterwards it was announced to the guests that an unforeseen circumstance rendered it necessary to put a premature close to the festival.
At this unforeseen circumstance Mrs Verloc abandoned her pose of idleness and irresponsibility.
WHEN the author of these little tales commenced them, it was her intention to form a short series of such stories as, it was hoped, might not be entirely without moral advantage; but unforeseen circumstances have prevented their completion, and, unwilling to delay the publication any longer, she commits them to the world in their present unfinished state, without any flattering anticipations of their reception.
His intention had been to be absent a year at the most, but a combination of unforeseen circumstances prevented his leaving the mines for nearly five.
My gorge had long since risen at the deed; the unforeseen circumstances had rendered it impossible from the first; but now I could afford to recognize the impossibility, and to think of Raffles and the asthmatic alike without a qualm.
What I mean to say is this, sir, -- that during the last fortnight unforeseen circumstances have occurred" --
An unforeseen circumstance is the occurrence of an event that the taxpayer could not reasonably have anticipated before purchasing and occupying the residence (Regs.
121-3T(e)(l) defines an unforeseen circumstance as "the occurrence of an event that the taxpayer does not anticipate before purchasing and occupying the residence.
AMERICAN captain Tom Lehman has finally admitted he made up his mind some time ago not to play in next month's Ryder Cup in Ireland - barring some "crazy, unforeseen circumstance.
Because a natural disaster is considered an unforeseen circumstance, disaster victims who lived in their homes less than the requisite two years are able to take a partial exclusion thanks to the efforts of members of the AICPA's Residential Tax Task Force.
Sections have the authority to extend the accreditation of a currently-accredited camp for one year--but only for an unusual and unforeseen circumstance not related to the camp's normal compliance with best practices (e.