unforeseen condition

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Another unforeseen condition was the discovery that there were several large openings in the upper concrete slab floors.
Now an expert is only required if there is a unique and unforeseen condition.
Sound budgetary reserves and expense prepayments along with adequate accumulated reserves and solid budgetary flexibility provide protection against anticipated mild cyclical revenue declines and unforeseen conditions.
But designers must be flexible enough to adapt to unforeseen conditions, such as undocumented wetlands, utilities on the site, easements or landfills that pose environmental issues.
priorities, or design based on unforeseen conditions or new information that necessitated a
Whereas canal administrator Jorge Quijano says the overruns are unacceptable and insists that the GUPC should stick to the costs agreed upon when the contract was signed in 2009, the consortium argues that a project of this scale inevitably entails unforeseen conditions and additional costs.
She diagnosed and corrected several unforeseen conditions that I'd experienced over the years with my hair and scalp.
No matter the business, unforeseen conditions can throw well-optimized operations into disarray or cause lost opportunities every day.
Every retailer encounters unplanned events, be it disruptions in the supply chain due to unforeseen conditions, changing consumer tastes or other factors.
He articulates the daunting challenges facing the German high command in a war with unforeseen conditions and duration.
O'Brien believes the pool will be open for the coming summer season, barring significant unforeseen conditions.
Without a preliminary site evaluation, unforeseen conditions uncovered during construction (e.