unforeseen contingency

See: surprise
References in classic literature ?
This agreement was to continue in operation four years, and to be renewable for a similar term, unless some unforeseen contingency should render a modification necessary.
When in place, the centre would equally provide online, real time information in the event of unforeseen contingency.
In order to effectively deal with any unforeseen contingency in the realm of defence, a resurgent economy is necessary, so that Pakistan is able to meet its defence requirements in future.
But under RA 9184, shopping can be used if there is an unforeseen contingency requiring immediate purchase as long as the amount does not exceed P50,000.
f) Partial Withdrawal: Allows customers to make partial withdrawal for any unforeseen contingency from the 6th policy year.
The warnings voiced by military officials, lawmakers and a chorus of beltway pundits are hardly surprising: The nation's army is so overcommitted in Iraq that it could not respond to another major unforeseen contingency.
The Army is cannibalizing units at home to man and equip deploying units which are left behind in shambles, less able to respond to any unforeseen contingency," Flournoy said.
section] 2-615 may be invoked as a defense when a severe shortage of raw materials due to an unforeseen contingency such as war, embargo, local crop failure, unforeseen shutdown of major sources of supply or the like, either causes a marked increase in cost or altogether prevents the seller from securing supplies necessary to his performance.
A systemic allergic reaction to an insect sting is just such an unforeseen contingency.
L'enfant de l'hiver (Winter's child, 1989) made the chilly best of a masochistic scenario, but Paris s'eveille (Paris at dawn, 1991) was a leap forward, displaying a sense of life in all its mercurial, unforeseen contingency.