unforeseen occurrence

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In the context of an insurance policy, "occurrence" is construed as synonymous with an accident or kindred act--an unforeseen occurrence resulting in bodily injury to a person other than the one indemnified which may give rise to a claim against the insured.
He said: "Peter's death was an extraordinary and unforeseen occurrence.
Barring some unforeseen occurrence, College Causeway should get a clear run to the bend and then unveil his famed back-straight surge that would carry him to inevitable victory.
Barring an unforeseen occurrence, she'll graduate in June having accumulated an astonishing 21 varsity letters.
Written in plain terms, The Unforeseen Occurrence is a highly motivational memoir of personal struggle, change, and growth despite adversity.
THE cost for insurance never seems to end with motor, buildings, and contents, yet these could always be replaced in the event of an unforeseen occurrence.
They'll also learn the critical steps and technologies their organization needs to put in place to ensure that business will move forward regardless of any unforeseen occurrence.
With computers always susceptible to a virus or some other unforeseen occurrence that may crash the unit and wipe out files, users are looking at viable alternatives to storing sensitive documents.
It was effectively a political act, legitimised by the collective will of the people - a largely unforeseen occurrence, leaving the Government in a quandary and facing the nightmare possibility of widespread civil disobedience.
Cars, houses, contents - all have to be paid for and yet these could always be replaced in the event of an unforeseen occurrence.
There have been no casualties of migratory birds reported so far from east Delhi's Okhla Bird Sanctuary but officials are keeping a close watch and already have designated a team of officials to take care of any unforeseen occurrences.