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The Ball, The Bat, And The Unforgiving Brat' puts the characters in life situations that are easy to relate to.
On his return he has been slated non-stop by unforgiving Jambos who don't rate him.
In Unforgiving Rope Adams concentrates on the period from 1840 to World War I to present an unusual social history of Western Australia.
I actually find that more unforgiving than going and trying to be involved in the game and trying to win the ga me.
In this series, he returns to some of the most unforgiving terrain in the world to take on ten more exhilarating challenges.
The Unforgiving Eye" follows John and Lydia Savidage as they try to uncover the murderer of Sir Bendict Stanbury.
CAMARILLO -- The Las Posas Country Club is a challenging course, with its hilly terrain and narrow fairways, but the Santa Ana winds provided another unforgiving element for the field of 71 girls' golfers Monday at the Southern Section Northern Individual Regional.
A young Thai-American man negotiates his passage to gay adulthood on the unforgiving Thai streets.
The city he experiences is cold and unforgiving, prone to the macabre, consuming passions, and naked lust that wishes it were love.
Throughout the project, there is a sense that, while intelligently acknowledging place and tradition, the design team was determined not to let the more unforgiving local conditions compromise what has turned out to be a very decent piece of modern tropical architecture.
Second, they marked a trail through a racist, unforgiving, and hostile landscape for other African Americans--as well as other ethnic minorities and women--to follow.
Clifton makes us believe art is sacred, awesome, and unforgiving.