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Developed as part of the Unforgotten Forces Project, it is open every weekday, offering veterans the opportunity to socialise together, learn and develop new skills and enjoy a variety of activities, as well as access support services.
Palestinian artist Zuhaira Zaqtan said that they aim, through this exhibition, to convey a message and draw people's attention to Palestine's pristine and unforgotten cultural heritage despite the attempts by the Israeli occupation to efface it.
Nearly 90 days on, the goal for a merger remains unforgotten but somehow no less closer.
Queen Henusten Pyramid - Photo courtesy of Wikipedia CAIRO -- 24 January 2018: After narrating unforgotten stories about the 18th and the 19th dynasties, it is time to return to the Fourth Dynasty of the old kingdom.
The choir is supported by QuartetVocalise, Music in Hospitals and Care as part of h U f F the Unforgotten Forces Combined Armed Forces Project in Scotland and Ulrike Wutscher, mezzo soprano, and was formed in 2012 inspired by the BBC programme'The Choir' featuring Gareth Malone.
Bafta Scotland at least got it right with a host of awards going to the country's top talent and congratulations to both Laura Fraser and Mark Bonnar who picked up awards for their roles on TV dramas The Missing and Unforgotten respectively.
A The Fear B Between the Sheets C Unforgotten D Little Boy Blue 7.
After the nonsensical final 20 minutes of dramas such as the last series of Broadchurch, The Replacement, Unforgotten, Line of Duty, Paula and so on, I pray the promise shown by new drama The Loch doesn't prove to be yet another waste of time.
He said that it was an unforgotten experience of his grandfather to be advised by their Japanese managers to evacuate to the mountains prior to the war, since they did not know the orientation of the incoming Japanese forces.
Mersey author Frank Cottrell Boyce wrote a new book, The Unforgotten Coat, especially for Liverpool charity The Reader Organisation.
NICOLA Walker delivering a brilliant River/ Unforgotten double shift.
UNFORGOTTEN (Thursday, ITV, 9pm) FATHER Robert's revelations prove to have lasting repercussions, especially for Caroline when she goes into premature labour.