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The problem is that breast milk is often unbalanced in its content of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, and for a premature neonate fed by a nasogastric tube, unfortified breast milk can provide too little of one nutrient or too much of another.
This area is currently under a fortified with asphalt waste wood storage and an unfortified camp for reclamation soils.
However, <<to describe ASEAN as a mature security community will be inaccurate in the absence of a high level of military integration, common definition of external threat, and unfortified borders.
Every week on the day of the pizza protocol, the thawed and already portioned pizza dough (120 g) was rolled out to a specific size such that 28 g of fortified cheese was sufficient without the addition of extra unfortified cheese.
He rushed to alert Prestia, who was inside a trailer at street level, and Cueva that no workers should be allowed to enter the trench while the sides were unfortified.
1], and the recovery was calculated and extracted: R = [(C1-C2)/ C3] x 100, where R = method recovery (%); C1 = concentration determined in the grains sample; C2 = concentration determined in unfortified sample; C3 = concentration of the standard used for fortification.
Inadequate monitoring of compliance with the rules of flour fortification, delivery and use of unfortified flour by officials will result in a fine in the amount of 500 som ($8).
While fortified wines in general may be the best choices for chocolate, I did find one sensational option among unfortified sweet wines: Tokaji Aszu from Hungary.
According to one such study by the Cape Wine Academy on techniques to achieve moderate alcohol levels in wine, it has been found that currently the alcohol content of unfortified wines is increasing worldwide.
20) These were designed to defend the empire on the periphery while the majority of Roman cities were unfortified.