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Regard for a former servant of my own, who had since fallen into misfortune, carried me to visit him in a spunging-house, where he was confined for debt; and there, the same house, under a similar confinement, was my unfortunate sister.
Again he stopped to recover himself; and Elinor spoke her feelings in an exclamation of tender concern, at the fate of his unfortunate friend.
The dog, incited by its master, sprang over the wicket-gate and pursued the unfortunate baronet, who fled screaming down the yew alley.
Even Stapleton's attempt upon Sir Henry that night which ended in the death of the unfortunate convict did not help us much in proving murder against our man.
To be friendless is indeed to be unfortunate, but the hearts of men, when unprejudiced by any obvious self-interest, are full of brotherly love and charity.
"`That is indeed unfortunate; but if you are really blameless, cannot you undeceive them?'
I also am unfortunate; I and my family have been condemned, although innocent; judge, therefore, if I do not feel for your misfortunes.'
Such were the ideas of the unfortunate prince while sitting listlessly upon his horse, to which he abandoned the reins; he rode slowly along beneath the warm May sun, in which the somber misanthropy of the exile perceived a last insult to his grief.
The unfortunates cling to the smallest hopes, as the happy do to the greatest good; and when they are obliged to quit the place where that hope has soothed their hearts, they experience the mortal regret which the banished man feels when he places his foot upon the vessel which is to bear him into exile.
Then he related how the boy had started out in search of the things needed to make the magic charm, which would restore the unfortunates to life, and how he had found the Woozy and taken him along because he could not pull the three hairs out of its tail.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo WASHINGTON, Aug 20 (KUNA) -- US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday evening that the release of the Iranian oil tanker "Grace 1" that was held in Gibraltar is "very unfortunate." In an interview with Fox News, Pompeo stressed "itUo's unfortunate that that happened.
Summary: Southampton [England], Jun 20 (ANI): Jasprit Bumrah believes it is unfortunate that Shikhar Dhawan has been ruled out of the remainder of the World Cup.