unfortunate accident

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I have been careful to enter into all the particulars of this unfortunate accident, because neither Mr.
The doctor found himself so agreeable to Miss Bridget, that he now began to lament an unfortunate accident which had happened to him about ten years before; namely, his marriage with another woman, who was not only still alive, but, what was worse, known to be so by Mr Allworthy.
Since my unfortunate accident I have preserved the keenest interest in politics.
I suppose you have come about the unfortunate accident of this morning, Thornton?
On these occasions the subject of Timothy is barred, and if by any unfortunate accident Mary's name is mentioned, we immediately look opposite ways and a silence follows, in which I feel sure he is smiling, and wonder what the deuce he is smiling at.
Charles bowed to the general with grace and dignity, saying, -- "You will pardon me this unfortunate accident, and the violence to which you have been subjected, when you are convinced that I was not the cause of them.
Shelby had, by some unfortunate accident, been detained, for a month or two, at some remote post-office, before it reached its destination; and, of course, before it was received, Tom was already lost to view among the distant swamps of the Red river.
The body exhibited no traces of violence, and there can be no doubt that the deceased had been the victim of an unfortunate accident, which should have the effect of calling the attention of the authorities to the condition of the riverside landing-stages.
A worthy man indeed will bear poverty, disease, and other unfortunate accidents with a noble mind; but happiness consists in the contrary to these (now we have already determined in our treatise on Morals, that he is a man of worth who considers what is good because it is virtuous as what is simply good; it is evident, therefore, that all the actions of such a one must be worthy and simply good): this has led some persons to conclude, that the cause of happiness was external goods; which would be as if any one should suppose that the playing well upon the lyre was owing to the instrument, and not to the art.
The Sound which has to be crossed on this passage, is not always a very safe or pleasant navigation, and has been the scene of some unfortunate accidents.
On behalf of the family, I wish to express our appreciation for the goodwill and prayers since the unfortunate accident.
In a statement to Gulf News, Mohammad Abdul Aziz, director of Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Accommodations (HSSE) at Bee'ah, said, "We are aware of an unfortunate accident that took place yesterday in the industrial area involving two vehicles from Bee'ah's fleet.