unfortunate consequence

See: cost, penalty
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The unfortunate consequence was the dramatic decline of sugar shipments to the United States.
Newcastle co-promoter Alan Hedley, boss of team sponsors Sapphire Engineering, said: "We have to get our own fixtures raced and Sunday is an unfortunate consequence for us.
The other unfortunate consequence of writing letters to newspapers is that it gives people like Stan Andrews an excuse to make up things that haven't been said.
There's been another unfortunate consequence, as Ian Edenbrow of Lincs has discovered.
He said that the unfortunate consequence is that older and musically experienced boys are being lost early, with a potential impact on the choir's ability to perform the more difficult music.
A BCUHB spokesman said: "There is usually a rise in attendances at the emergency departments as an unfortunate consequence of revellers celebrating the festive season, with patients suffering the effects of intoxication, accidental injury and incidents of aggression.
Since 2008, many could be forgiven for thinking that "high-brow" is a term for an unfortunate consequence of botox injections.
Cutbacks and closures are the unfortunate consequence.
ONE unfortunate consequence of the tough economic climate has been a sharp increase in the number of people taking redundancy.
The unfortunate consequence is that many more of our youth are suffering from heart disease brought on by high blood pressure and high cholesterol; type 2 diabetes; asthma; and sleep apnea--and we certainly should not overlook the social stigmas they face as well.
This was the unfortunate consequence of him not having any sort of support.
One unfortunate consequence of being very AaeglobalAAE and AaeinternationalAAE is that layoffs planned by an organisationAAEs headquarters in Washington, Singapore or London may easily be reflected in job losses in Dubai.