unfortunate event

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My dearest Friend,--I write in the greatest distress; the most unfortunate event has just taken place.
They will also sometimes happen by accident, as at Tarentum, a little after the Median war, where so many of the nobles were killed in a battle by the lapygi, that from a free state the government was turned into a democracy; and at Argos, where so many of the citizens were killed by Cleomenes the Spartan, that they were obliged to admit several husbandmen to the freedom of the state: and at Athens, through the unfortunate event of the infantry battles, the number of the nobles was reduced by the soldiers being chosen from the list of citizens in the Lacedaemonian wars.
That unfortunate event brings back to those who love books and justice Victor Hugo's 'Les Miserables.
This gives us almost a whole year to understand why despite warning we can't stop watching, why our hope will not be squashed, and why, after yet another promised unfortunate event, we cannot heed the advice to look away.
Hegarty, the ex-Dundeee United and Scotland star, said: "It was a really unfortunate event and it is disappointing for us and for Declan.
A tense thriller, Unfortunate Event explores the dark side of operating room culture, the cutthroat world of malpractice law, and the mind of one man as his world crumbles around him.
Summary: The tragic loss of life at this year's hajj pilgrimage is a deeply sad and unfortunate event, one which should serve as cause for reflection, religious or otherwise, and not one for finger pointing or political maneuvering.
Five months passed from that unfortunate event, and the Faculty of Law is still trying get up on its feet.
An unfortunate event forces the sale of this 3 Location e-cig superstore.
The 24-year-old actress was seen strolling up to the Staples Center arm in arm with her blonde beau, just mere moments before the unfortunate event.
It's an unfortunate event where an elderly gentleman has fallen in the canal.