unfortunate occurrence

See: misfortune
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Charles May afterward related the unfortunate occurrence to his wife and explained that he had apologized to the son for the hasty blow, but without avail; the young man not only rejected his overtures, but refused to withdraw his terrible threat.
I trust monsieur has not judged me," she said, "by the unfortunate occurrence of Tuesday evening.
Crisparkle, 'your sister is aware that I have repeatedly urged you to make some kind of apology for that unfortunate occurrence which befell on the night of your arrival here.
We have little doubt that we should have been enabled to present it to our readers, but for a most unfortunate occurrence.
Since then, sir," he went on after a brief pause--"Since then, owing to an unfortunate occurrence and through information given by evil- intentioned persons--in all which Darya Frantsovna took a leading part on the pretext that she had been treated with want of respect--since then my daughter Sofya Semyonovna has been forced to take a yellow ticket, and owing to that she is unable to go on living with us.
This unfortunate occurrence might not bode well for the future of economic growth.
It was an unfortunate occurrence which could have easily been avoided .
Suzuki Osamu (1926-2001) was another of the founders, and he took over Yagi's teaching job at Kyoto Municipal College of Fine Arts after that unfortunate occurrence.
The mangled, dismembered, bloody bodies of innocent men, women and children are, apparently, just an unfortunate occurrence as Israel defends itself against some ineffectual home-made rockets, cobbled together with the few items Israel allows to be imported to the Gaza Strip.
Bicycle theft is an unfortunate occurrence and an increasing trend these past few years, and cyclists from California are no exception.
As the Indian Museum in Kolkata celebrates its bicentenary this year, an unfortunate occurrence has marred the occasion--the damage inflicted on the Rampurva lion capital as it was being shifted for restoration before the celebrations.
We deeply regret this unfortunate occurrence and actions taken since this incident will reduce the likelihood of a similar incident happening again in the future.