unfortunate person

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Unfortunately, her secret lover Tyrone fixed her boiler EMMERDALE Christmas big story: After confessing that he murdered Carl King to a fellow villager, Cameron has to cover his tracks and murders the unfortunate person.
Or, like one unfortunate person in the 7DAYS office, who shall remain nameless, you might have been aiming for something truly special - Peter Andre-style 'curtains'.
This advance notice would help one avoid having to hear about the raw deal life has dealt this unfortunate person who enjoys portraying himself as hard done by, someone whom fate has dealt blow after blow which he has survived through sheer fortitude.
When this unfortunate person gets home from work after a hard day in the field, you can imagine what his answer will be when his wife asks, "How were things at work today, Dear?
Although I have sympathy for the unfortunate person who was bitten by a Staffie, may I point out as a very proud owner of a very affectionate and much loved Staffie, I think this person needs to know more about the breed.
I was the unfortunate person who had to stay on to clear up the "snags" and, believe me, there were plenty of them.
She turned out to be the tragic, unfortunate person who the defendant came across that day.
No one wants to share a room with this unfortunate person during family vacations - and sometimes you don't even want to be in the room next to them either.
That's the equivalent of two-and-a-half days work for the unfortunate person whose job it is to deal with such a thankless task.
I'm an unfortunate person that got screwed by Rocketdyne.
In childhood, they were told that it's rude to stare or point at the unfortunate person in the wheelchair.
His young daughter (exquisitely danced by Violetta Klimczewska, who alternated with Lesley Kennedy) inadvertently became that unfortunate person.