unfortunate person

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I know it may take more credit than belongs to most pocket-handkerchiefs, to maintain the problem of the virtues of a French governess--a class of unfortunate persons that seem doomed to condemnation by all the sages of our modern imaginative literature.
The unfortunate person selecting the loaded chamber will almost certainly die.
But it does matter to the unfortunate person who stumbles upon their creation years later, after the original inventor has gone on to five other ventures.
I pity the unfortunate person suffering emotional or psychological pain as she or he is wheeled through the gate into this compound.
One unfortunate person had to make their way to the ladies' loo during the first half, leading to Ross himself nearly losing his already-loose plot when chatting to her mate.
You don't want to miss the sun rise," the unfortunate person tasked with rounding us all up again called out, because in truth the breakfast was so pleasant that it was easy to forget why it was that we'd dragged ourselves out from our nice warm beds at such an ungodly hour anyway.
Is it not a disgrace and cruel for a pharmacist to demand a fee from every patient, every pensioner, every large family, every unemployed person and every unfortunate person who doesn't have enough money to raise their children, depriving them the ability to buy their children milk?
I beg readers to find this unfortunate person so that we can restore his faith in our society, so that he may be reassured that there are still graceful, decent men in this good country.
He said that the nurses called him an inspiration but he just thought of himself as an unfortunate person.
Unfortunately, her secret lover Tyrone fixed her boiler EMMERDALE Christmas big story: After confessing that he murdered Carl King to a fellow villager, Cameron has to cover his tracks and murders the unfortunate person.
Or, like one unfortunate person in the 7DAYS office, who shall remain nameless, you might have been aiming for something truly special - Peter Andre-style 'curtains'.