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Terrorism and extremism in the region and the world are rooted in the US unwise policies in supporting terrorist-nurturing regional countries and the state terrorism of the Zionist regime," Qassemi said in reaction to the recent meddlesome and unfounded remarks by US Secretary of Defense James Mattis on "regime change" in Iran.
Wilson-Raybould has acknowledged that Canada's unfounded rates--the subject of a recent Globe and Mail investigation--are "unacceptably high.
Baseless and unfounded propaganda never have proofs," he said.
In excusing the trial court's abdication of its gatekeeping responsibility to screen out this factually unfounded testimony.
I can confirm to the residents of Canton that there is absolutely no substance to these unfounded claims by Plaid Cymru and they do nothing more than increasing uncertainty for businesses in Canton already facing difficulties in this tough economic climate.
Such reports are baseless and unfounded and those who disseminate such news seek to undermine the relationship between the two countries, Tharwat said, adding that Egypt will stand by Jordan in the current hard economic conditions it is going through.
Ethiopian Airlines would like to refute all unfounded speculations regarding the incident of Ethiopian flight ET-815 from Addis Ababa to Kilimanjaro of 18 December 2013.
McGlynn also rubbished Labour's accusations, adding: "I'm extremely concerned about the unfounded statements made in the debating chamber, which all seem to imply, suggest, some sort of impropriety on my part.
AP) -- Harrisburg Area Community College says an investigation has concluded a whistle-blower lawsuit filed against the school by a former public safety coordinator is unfounded.
A Blues statement said: "Birmingham City Football Club is disappointed to learn of the unfounded and damaging comments made by Mr Godsiff, especially taking into consideration his position as a Member of Parliament.
He added that fears about the future of the currency were unfounded.
Any such suggestion would be totally unfair and unfounded.