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Says Brigham, sadly, "This last mentioned variety of demonomania, is not unfrequent in this country.
On the other hand, political persistence may be one dimension of a stable political environment, with unfrequent government change and long political careers.
W]e desire to state that in our opinion it is, if not absolutely impossible, at least not practicable, to foresee all the various combinations of circumstances which may happen, but which are of so unfrequent [sic] occurrence that they have not hitherto been the subject of judicial consideration, although they might constitute a justification or excuse, and to use language at once so precise and clear and comprehensive as to include all cases that ought to be included, and not to include any case that ought to be excluded.
as of late the Sperm Whale fishery had been and not unfrequent ; therefore it was, that for the most part, , as it were, In that way, mostly, the disastrous encounter between Ahab and the whale had hitherto been popularly regarded.
As a consequence, law business is declining, clients are unfrequent, and the Bar is losing money.
Some of these meanings are still used in present day Spanish, others have disappeared completely (although many dictionaries still keep them) and others remain only partially, being very unfrequent.
When the weather did not allow of their excursions after dinner,--an occurrence not unfrequent during this very wet summer,--the inmates of the cottage passed their evenings at Diodati, and, when the rain rendered it inconvenient for them to return home, remained there to sleep.
Due to their great differences in token frequencies, the relatively unfrequent -(t)ura climbs up to a value even higher than that of the nearly-inflectional -mente, while conversely the huge suffix -(z)ione, burdened by its over one million tokens, sinks down, not far from the unproductive suffix -evole, which is manifestly absurd.
Still, as Boswell reminds us: "A casual coincidence with other writers or an adoption of a sentiment or image which has been found in the writings of another, and afterwards appears in the mind as one's own, is not unfrequent.
Catatrophic risks are traditionally very expensive and unfrequent events (Soderlund, 1997).
Moreover, we have shown that the main fall lambing takes place at a time when the mistral is unfrequent, and the environment is wet.