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Half Magic" -- Actress Heather Graham writes and directs her first movie, a timely relationship sex comedy encompassing several positive aspects, and a few negative ones, with something to say to women: Fulfilling men's needs and wants at the unfulfillment of your own doesn't work.
We our life When we lose sight of our values we can quickly become stuck in a life of unfulfillment and failed potential.
We images our life When we lose sight of our values we can quickly become stuck, in a life of unfulfillment and failed potential.
In Reem's case, when she felt overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy and unfulfillment, she would refer to her inner world and gain a sense of peace and reassurance by imagining the river of nurturance that she created.
On the other hand, distrust in one's power to change the neighborhood is also informed by dissatisfaction with oneself, one's life, and the ever-present feeling of unfulfillment.
The author of the article concluded that in their search for recognition and acceptance, the three narrators seem to be in a constant state of unfulfillment and search for the unique in the context of the cultures in which they live.
a necessary fate of the Romantic desire whose incessant unfulfillment results ultimately in the loss of the significance of dream itself.
In harsh conditions of development, the unfulfillment of an appropriate style of attachment produces distant effects, even difficulties of identification in the period of maturation.
It is understandable why this poignant poem of unfulfillment was never published, but its displaced, beckoning image also clarifies a deeply personal sense in which Morris believed that (as in the title of his 1873 poem) "Love Is Enough.
Measuring failure, unfulfillment and frustration is the safest, the most sensitive and comprehensive method of identifying neurotic conditions in adolescents including fatigue, frustration, anxiety.
A solution, in my opinion, beneficial for insuring the efficient functioning of the legal system, like the sanction by the criminal law means for the unfulfillment of the community service established by the decision of the law court.