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Last week two campaigners - Iain Thom, 24, and Lucy Fairbrother, 23 - were deported after unfurling a banner reading "One World, One Dream, Free Tibet" in Beijing.
I had a hunch about what this unfurling was going to be, and I was right.
When he comes back for the unfurling of the flag next season he'll be received well by the fans and rightly so.
Today, we can say that our country's democratic nature is very alive and vivid," Advani told media after unfurling Indian flag at his 26, Tughlak Crescent residence here today.
The 2,000 metre-long flag will be displayed for the public during the military parade to be held under the patronage of the Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah in the Subiya area, Shaikha Amthal Al Ahmad Al Sabah, president of the Volunteer Work Centre, said after attending a rehearsal of the unfurling ceremony.
There were also reports of some Telangana activists ignoring the National Flag while unfurling only the Telangana flag.
6) If Canada is considered at the outskirts of a world that is dominated by America and the European Community, the new architecture being created there clearly indicates that it is a place of significance and one where another very different world is unfurling.
The gallery's main room, strewn with Oriental carpets, became a salon lined with paintings of paintings: Dramatically unfurling banners carrying landscapes rendered in a sign painter's shorthand appeared on--what else?
I want this for my truck,'' he said, unfurling the miniature banner.
He also likes them to curve around one another, so that bodies meld and mesh into sculptural forms, and then send them shooting unexpectedly into the air, limbs unfurling with tight-coiled energy.
Proof settles a wickedly prickly question about unfurling crinkly shapes
Mobile city commissioners and nearly 100 local school children joined in the unfurling this morning at Government Plaza in downtown Mobile, which began with a moment of silence in honor of the crew and families of the space shuttle Columbia.