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He will unfurl the National Flag and deliver the customary address to the nation from the ramparts of the monument.
The GOC Delhi area will conduct the Prime Minister to the dais to unfurl the National Flag.
Before your child greets this old world, before they're born and life unfurls, you get the thing about pearl.
"He takes the flag everywhere he climbs and always unfurls it on the top.
FLYING THE FLAG Richard Pattison, with the Northumberland flag he unfurls after climbing mountains.
"I had told Celtic I may not be able to do it and we had talked about asking my sons to unfurl the flag.
The sixteen-ounce boxing glove is a fist that never unfurls. Inside it, your hand is forced to conclusions.
CHAMPS: Celtic chief Brian Quinn unfurls flag in 2002
An enthralling panorama of moods innocent, romantic, and combative unfurls as the program makes its vivid historical way from the closed ballroom positions - with their vertical, quiet, upper bodies - of the first half to the swirling lifts and backbends of the second, accompanied by complex harmonies and rhythms.
Flies crawl across a sleeping baby's face; a massive unemployment line unfurls beside a building inscribed with the graffito "Wahlt Hitler" (Vote for Hitler; the year is circa 1933, the place, Hannover); a child writes "Streik" (Strike) at the bottom of her exercise book; a sign at the edge of a wood proclaims, "Juden sind in unsern deutschen Waldern nicht erwunscht" (Jews are not wanted in our German forests); peddlers hawk lemons, shoes, chestnuts, anything they can.
One of the protesters who abseiled down Westminster Bridge to unfurl their anti-Chinese government banner was the son of Alliance MLA Anna Lo.