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And this is further helped by the interior design, which echoes the straightforward, unfussy nature of the exterior.
With wit, a fondness for simple solutions and a unique take on the art of entrepreneurship, Bill Schley has written a lucid, knowledgeable and unfussy briefing book for budding and slightly seasoned entrepreneurs that celebrates action over theory.
With this offer, passengers on Malta-Toulouse route will have opportunity to select amid the classic fare range that offers an all-inclusive product, or the mini fare range - an unfussy product without any free baggage facility.
Tersely scripted and strikingly shot, it's unsettling and unfussy.
He begins his epic journey in Santander, where he sees paella cooked in the streets and relaxes in a typically unfussy Spanish restaurant where he enjoys his first proper meal.
Comfortable and unfussy rather than chic and sophisticated.
Both teams are well-organised, unfussy and hard to break down but confidence levels aren't high, especially in the home ranks, and the upshot may well be a tight encounter.
Constructed of common building materials such as Masonite, concrete, and particleboard, Manfred Pernice's unfussy sculptural objects resemble maquettes--stand-ins for vacated plinths or scaled-down socialist housing projects.
style tip four Think unfussy, tailored, sculpted and pared-down chic, and forget boho.
It could be a dish cooked by someone you love or some mindblowing creation enjoyed on a farflung holiday and never repeated, something daring or something quite unfussy.
With a natural colour and pleasantly fresh yet unfussy taste, Asda's juice (***) was all you could ask for in own-label OJ.
aging incendiary Cosmopolitan but unfussy Back from an early morning