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Not my old colleague Steve Curry, who bravely weighed in with the rather bizarre and pretty ungallant observation, "it is an insult to the controlled commentaries of John Motson, Mike Ingham and Alan Green that their domain is threatened by a new arrival whose excited voice sounds like a fire siren".
But perhaps it's a little ungallant for a man to complain about his ``Curse'' costume when obviously the women must have been really uncomfortable in their getups.
The author of the scurrilous poems has acted in an ungallant fashion by dealing "gravi colpi di mortal ferute" [blows that meant her death] to Veronica, an unarmed woman (160-61).
I assumed he was joking, rather than just terribly ungallant.
Then Richard started talking about how ungallant I had been for talking about my affair with Kirsty Gallacher.
This very ungallant young gentleman turned round and said in a disgusted voice: "You can't come in here, Margaret.
27) In addition to these ungallant remarks, the president advised her to wear the Islamic hejab during her acceptance ceremonies in Oslo.
What an ungallant bird it is] Socially blind and deaf, it defends an intolerable system, a system that is the cause of much of the physical blindness and deafness which we are trying to prevent.
As for "launching an attack," I would never be so ungallant as to do same upon a lady.
Now the scales have been lifted from the car maker's eyes it has realised what many of us saw all along: that Jon Moulton's group was not a handsome stranger promising to sweep Rover off its feet but an ungallant rake who enjoyed the whirlwind romance but got cold feet at the prospect of a long-term relationship.
Though the ungallant knight rivals Quevedo in the cruelty with which he describes aging female flesh, his demon lover quickly entraps him with her seductive arts, supplemented by a small subsidy.